Clove Hill's Grades Program for the 2019/20 school year is a full 4-day program consisting of 1st grade and adding a grade each year. 

In Waldorf schools, the class teacher remains with the same group of children from 1st through 8th grade. This approach allows for the teacher to truly gain insight into the child and strive to support the child's unforlding into their gifts and talents.

Main Lesson is held for two hours at the beginning of the day when children are most active and ready to receive their lessons. During this time, the teacher will strive to awaken each child's inner faculties in an artistic way, such as through the oral tradition of storytelling, music, movement, drawing, and painting, while presenting in 4-6 week blocks subjects such as form drawing, arithmetic, science, and language arts.

Students record what they learn in books they create called "Main Lesson Books". These books are imbued with the students' own works of art and understanding of the subjects taught.


Children who are 6 by April  will be considered for the first grade of the upcoming school year.

Main Lesson Subjects:

Introduction to the alphabet and writing

Introduction to addition, subtraction, muliplication and division

Basic facts to 10

Fairy tales and nature sories

Music (singing and pentatonic flute)

Eurythmy ( an artful movement)

Form drawing


Painting ( wet on wet watercolor)


Nature study

Clay and beeswax modeling

Foreign language - Spanish and German